Vet nurse training

Veterinary Nurse Approved Centre / Training and Assessment Practice

Veterinary Nurse Training leads to nationally recognised Vocational Qualifications. Trainee veterinary nurses working for these qualifications need to find a place for work experience with a recognised Training and Assessment Practice .

Training and Assessment Practices have to have a trained assessor on their staff to help trainees and to oversee and assess their experience in the course of their work. This will be a qualified veterinary nurse or a veterinary surgeon. The practice will be linked to a Veterinary Nurse Approved Centre which provides an outside assessor to ensure that the quality of training provided is maintained.

Veterinary Nurse Approved Centres are approved by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to oversee the training provided by the Training and Assessment Practices. A centre may be a single practice,a group of practices,a veterinary nursing college or a course provider.

The Veterinary Nurse Approved Centre provides the outside assessment for the Training and Assessment Practices it oversees. In its turn, it is visited at least twice a year by an external verifier appointed by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. The external verifier will also visit training and assessment practices.

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