Investor in People Award

The Investors in People Standard
Investors in People is a national quality standard which sets a level of good practice for improving an organisation’s performance through its people. Since 1991 tens of thousands of UK employers, employing millions of people, have become involved with the Standard and know the benefits of being an ‘Investor in People’. With the continued growth and up take of the Standard in the UK, international interest has been stimulated and continues to grow. Investors in People is the national Standard which sets a level of good practice for training and development of people to achieve business goals. The Standard was developed during 1990 by the National Training Task Force in partnership with leading national business, personnel, professional and employee organisations such as the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), Trades Union Congress (TUC) and the Institute of Personnel and Development (IPD). The work was supported by the Employment Department. The experiences of the UK’s most successful organisations, large and small, representing all sectors of the UK economy, were very positive and the Standard received the full endorsement of the wide range of interested

The Standard provides a national framework for improving business performance and competitiveness, through a planned approach to setting and communicating business objectives and developing people to meet these objectives. The result, is that what people can do and are motivated to do, matches what the organisation needs them to do. The process is cyclical and should engender the culture of continuous improvement.

The Investors in People Standard is based on four key principles:
Commitment to invest in people to achieve business goals

Planning how skills, individuals and teams are to be developed to achieve these goals

Taking action to develop and use necessary skills in a well defined and continuing programme directly tied to business objectives

Evaluating outcomes of training and development for individuals’ progress towards goals, the value achieved and future needs.
These four key principles are a cyclical process and are broken down into
12 indicators, against which organisations wishing to be recognised as an ‘Investor in People’ will be assessed.
Being recognised as an ‘Investor in People’ involves a number of steps:
Understanding the Standard and its strategic implications for your organisation
Undertaking a review against the Standard to identify any gaps in current practice
Making the commitment to meet the Standard and communicating that commitment to all members of staff
Planning and taking action, to bring about change
Bringing together the evidence for assessment against the Standard
Achievement or recognition as an Investor in People
Working to keep the culture of continuous improvement alive.
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