Verney & Hollands

Our address:
Verney & Hollands
Laurel Bank
Barrow St
Much Wenlock
Shropshire, TF13 6EP

Tel: 01952 727291

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This surgery is near to these places:

Shropshire, Oldbury, Brookhampton, Ditton Priors, Easthope Wood, Linley, Eardington, Morville, Monkhopton, Callaughton, Weston, Farley, Benthall, Bridgnorth, Upton Cressett, Stretton Westwood, Wyke, Danesford, Bromley, Barrow, Fenn Gate, Aston Botterell, Plaish, Much Wenlock, Jackfield, Bourton Westwood, Apley Park, Church Preen, Coalport, Nordley, Hill Top, The Down, Swancote, Gilberries Lane, The Hobbins, Stanton Long, Haughton, Cleobury North, Atterley, Neenton, Stanway, Cardington, Shirlett, Posenhall, Bourton, Heath Common, Broseley, Cantern Bank, Ironbridge, Longville, Shipton, Faintree, Wigwig, Lower Cockshutt, Arlescot, Presthope, Glazeley, Broadstone, Chetton, Eudon George, East Wall, Rudgewood, Coalbrookdale, Harpswood, Chatwall, Buildwas, The Dean, Middleton Priors, Willey, Astley Abbots, Tasley, Aldenham, Brockton, Gretton, Wenlock Edge, Sidbury, Holdgate, Middleton Scriven, Acton Round, Broseley Wood, Preens Eddy, Linley Brook, Easthope, Homer, Aston Eyre, Apley, Shrewsbury, Upper Cound, Kenley, Little Mosterley, Dryton, Acton Burnell, Leighton, Lower Longwood, Hughley, Harnage, Eyton On Severn, Evenwood, Sheinton, Harley, Cound, Acton Pigott, Golding, Cressage, Ruckley, Cound Moor, Garmston, Eaton Constantine

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