C Norrell

Our address:
C Norrell
The Malthouse Surgery
Shropshire, SY5 0AA

Tel: 01743 791246

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General information about this Surgery:

The Friendly Practice that likes to treat
Dogs, Cats, Rabbits and Horses as well as Farm Animals
in South West Shropshire

Species treated:

We treat the full range of pets at this surgery
We treat equine species

This surgery is near to these places:

Shropshire, Batchcote, All Stretton, Picklescott, Woolstaston, Inwood, Powys, Old Church Stoke, Priest Weston, Hyssington, Bulthy, Heldre, Brunant, Shrewsbury, Cardeston, Wallop, Newton, Gatten, Bentlawnt, Bausley, Asterley, Castle Pulverbatch, Farley, Westley, Pontesford, Leigh, Alberbury, Pentervin, Mondaytown, Longden Common, New Mills, Hopesgate, Grimmer, Walton, Ford Heath, Edge, Trefnant, The Cop, Bridges, Pulverbatch, Hogstow, Winnington, Crows Nest, Worthen, Little Worthen, Ratlinghope, Halfway House, Westbury, The Bog, Estell, Lordstone, Little Brockton, Hinwood, Wrentnall, Stanford, Wattlesborough, Hemford, Brogbeach, Stoney Stretton, Pecknall, Blackmore, Minsterley, Church Pulverbatch, Habberley, Rowton, Hinton, Hampton Beech, Pennerley, Waterwheel, Shelve, Aston Rogers, Wollaston, Meadowtown, Vennington, Hampton, Hope, Shorthill, Tankerville, Yockleton, Brockton, Pontesbury, Wilderley, Bromlow, Nox, Longden, Stretton Heath, Rowley, Wagbeach, Stiperstones, Lea Cross, Plealey, Forest, Little Plealey, Little Minsterley, Crew Green, Malehurst, Snailbeach, Reabrook, Perkins Beach

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