Murrell Equine

Our address:
Murrell Equine
The Cottage
Copt Hill
Essex, CM3 4NN

Tel: 01245 400484

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Species treated:

We don't treat small animals at this surgery
We treat equine species
We have a particular interest and experience in the treatment of horses.

Practice Interests:

Equine Orthopaedic SurgeryEquine Soft Tissue SurgeryRadiologyEquine Physiotherapist

Mobile Equine Veterinary Services

Mobile equine veterinary service acknowledged for expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of equine lameness and performance limiting injury 

Mobile Services

Our practice is based on a mobile clinic

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Mark Murrell is an outstanding vet. He is professional and honest. I would recommend him to any horse owner.
Thank you for all the years off help and advice.


Mark quite simply has been incredible with regards to my horses, when other vets wanted to put my one of my horses down he carfully put a plan together to bring him back. It took time and patience, but, with Marks reassurance we have got there. He is now qualified for Elementary and Medium, working Advance Medium. We have worked with all the horses, to monitor for ucers, using products (which at the time) were unheard of. I would recommend him to everyone.

"Mark Murrell"

We have worked closely with Mark Murrell for many years now and have been impressed by his professionalism and his knowledge and experience. At the Remus Memorial Horse Sanctuary Mark is responsible for over 70 horses and 9 donkeys and I know my animals are in the safest possible hands with Mark. I am more than happy to recommend him

"our experience with the practice"

Over the years my sister and I have dealt with David Platt and Mark murrell I cannot express enough how much respect we have for them. our thanks go especially to David who treated our pony Tally-Blue who suffered with metabolic syndrome and cushins and over the years had many complications which David pulled him through and supported us emotionally, sadly Tally suffered another complication that we could not get him through and at age 23 on 4 sept 2013 we had to come to the point when Tally had suffered enough David was so kind and thoughtful he arranged everything so when he came to put Tally to sleep it all went smoothly and quickly. Mark also had to treat my mare Faithful Tally's mum for minor things and at 21 she developed a problem with her fetlock which needed surgery Mark supported and understood my concerns and put me at ease the op was successful and now at the age of 27 is still competing only lightly and our local club Thurrock Riding Club. we cannot thank David and Mark for everything they have done for us.

Murrell Equine


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