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R.T Jones
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"Compassionate Professional Service RT Jones"

During lockdown my older cater was unwell and RT Jones went out of their way to see him. Thankfully he is okay and enjoying the best things in life! I also reached out to RT Jones for neutering my 2 ragdoll kittens. We arranged the date and they talked me through what I would need to do to prepare them for the operation. They called me on the morning and when I arrived we went through every detail about the boys. I felt really comfortable with leaving them in their hands. The veterinary nurses were excellent and understood my concerns as the owner - but let’s be honest they understand my concerns as these guys being my babies! It’s been a week since the operation and the boys are well recovered and doing marvellous. Thank you RT Jones and all your staff for the wonderful care and service you have provided Oreo, Revel and myself also Blue when he was poorly.

"Thank you"

I have used this veterinary practice for several years now and they have cared for 6 of my animals in that time., four dogs and two cats. Sadly in that time I had to have my 13 year old crossbreed dog, a Yorkshire terrier age 6 and my 13 years old cat humanely euthanised. I still have 2 dogs and a cat registered with the practice.
All of the staff have always shown unrelenting compassion,care and kindness to my animals over the years. At times my animals have been difficult due to stress and fear when treated but they have been managed well by all at the practice. As a pet owner the staff have always taken my views into consideration about my animals welfare needs and they have always been very honest with me about the best interests of my animals.
I couldn’t thank the staff enough for the support they have given to my animals and the support they have given to me when making some very difficult decisions.
I have always recommended RT Jones to other pet owners. I would continue to use this practice in spite of a new practice opening 5 minutes walk away because I am so happy with the service.
Thank you all.????????


Always recommend this vets they are always very professional and friendly and they generally love the animals, I would highly recommend one of the vets John he is caring and when I had to put one of my dogs down he was so compassionate also Jen the receptionist is the friendliest ladies you could meet

"Great service"

Our best friend and pet, Harvey was a very lively Springer Spaniel. We loved him dearly but he had his health problems. He was a character and our Vets, R T Jones, knew him well. He also had a liking for chewing and swallowing different items of clothing .. and the smellier the better, ie: socks, knickers, leggings. He was on the operating table so often to have 'bits' removed we considered putting in a zip! But on every occasion the Practice sorted him out with great levels of skill, care and compassion. We eventually lost our beautiful Harvey to a huge epiletic fit. It was one of the worst nights of our lives but even then John, Henry and Jen fought tirelessly for several hours late into the night to save him and eventually to comfort us. We can have nothing but the highest levels of praise for all the staff and we thank them dearly.

Again, from the bottom of our hearts 'Thank You' to an amazing team.


Sue and Bill Yarker


I have two dogs and two cats with the Ashton Village practice. The staff have been wonderful with them all. My dogs can be difficult when they are frightened. One can become aggressive and the other tries to escape when at any vet practice. I have taken all four pets to the surgery in one visit for vaccinations. I was amazed at how well they were treated and how swiftly they were dealt with. The intervention caused the least distress to the animal. One of my dogs has damaged his knee recently and needs surgery. The vets who saw him were very kind to him and did not put him through unnecessary handling. They have arranged for him to see a specialist very quickly in spite of the Christmas holidays. I would recommend this practice. The nurses and support staff are also friendly warm and helpful.

"a great practice"

I take all my pets here, and have received a great service every time. All the staff are really friendly and caring at both the Urmston and Sale branch. I never feel like I've been overcharged and all the vets are fabulous. Wouldn't go anywhere else 5*

"A Massive Thank You"

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to the staff at RT Jones Vets at Ashton on Mersey, particularly the Vet, Linda or Lynn, my apologies if I have the name incorrect, who without any hesitation took my cat Peasey (who is very, very difficult to catch/handle) and gave him all the dental treatment he badly needed. This veterinary goes above and beyond to ensure your animals are happy and their professionalism is second to none, a complete credit to their professional and I cannot thank them enough. Wonderful Practice and Amazing staff. Thank you so much x

"rt jones"

Brilliant. !!
Great Vetinary service from all staff. are very willing to help, never had a problem with any visit or help needed. Always explain what is happening, giving an option. Very pleased.


"welcomed puppy"

So friendly and inviting, love the lovely receptionist lady, she envelopes the clients and pets into a welcoming waiting area, doesn't bat a eyelid at scooping down and gathering up yet another smelly poop i wonder if she does it in her sleep? poop in a poop bag then bins it then reaches without looking for the air freshener :)

"RT Jones Vetinery Suregon,Ashton on Mersey,Sale"

A friendly and caring vet.

"Awful woman"


A caring,compassionate,patient and professional approach by the vets when they came to put my Dennis (10.5 stone Rottweiler) to sleep. I am particularly impressed by the promotion of dignity and respect shown. Thank you.


I have recommended this vets to all my friends. They are absolutely brilliant and very understanding. We had to have our dog put down a few years ago and they were lovely and understanding. They are still the same now with our new dog and cat!

"Excellent vets"

Fair prices, friendly staff, provide a definitive and quick prognosis, which high priced vets never seem to match and great with their after-care. Can be a little long on waiting times but this is mainly due to their thoroughness and attention to care in the 1-2-1 appointments. Definately a vets you will want to use time and time again


The drop in system is fantastic and the prices are very reasonable compared to other vets. Really great with our cat, will be registering our new puppy on saturday and have no worries. great vets.

"Jones vet Ashton on Mersey"

Brilliant vet - best I have used. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Only one who could sort out our cat's flea problem!!

R.T Jones


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