David Eccles

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David Eccles
Leigh Rd
Lancashire, BL5 2JH

Tel: 01942 842919

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Bolton, Over Hulton, Chequerbent, Westhoughton, Manchester, Atherton, Lancashire, Leigh, Hindley, Bickershaw

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"Always professional"

Never an issue getting an appointment- professional efficient staff - No frills approach means no rip off for treatment-
David Eccles always takes the time to explain fully what is going on.
Cant fault them.

"Mud rash"

I asked David for some advice on mud rash because my horses legs was like tree trunks he sent me some antibiotics out and my horses legs have gone down now and he didn’t have to come out vets are 100 percent

"My hero"

Always received a professional & direct service but yet personal & friendly at the same time. David can come across as abrupt but he is just very direct & efficient, he just tells you how it is, straight, rather than babbling/diverting round the actual problem. He's happy to answer any questions you may have, no matter how trivial you may think it is. He would rather have you asking him or his staff. They are always very happy to help
He doesn't rip prople off either. He is a genuine nice guy who is focused on your pet at all times.
His staff are also fantastic. Professional friendly & very efficient. Just an all round lovely place to take your "fur baby" for check ups, treatment, reassurances. Your fur baby will be looked after very well

I would have liked to give more than 10 stars (at least 10xthat amount) i know its OTT (over the top) but i cant praise them enough


I have used David for 19yrs. He is to the point and no if and buts. No unnecessary treatment. I have a very sick pony which David is treating. I can't fault his actions in this case. He has the ponies best interest which I stand buy what he says as he seams to be rite.. he vetted a pony for me and was very professional and 11 years on was spot on with this 5 stage vetting

"Vet Practice"

Used David for years with my dogs and cats Wouldn't go anywhere else Great service and advice always


I turned to David Eccles initially for a second opinion after spending large amounts with other vets and getting no further. I'm not saying he performs miracles, but what I will say is that he listened, told me what he thought was actually going on and he came up with a treatment plan which has not only benefitted us, but cost very little too. David is direct, he won't do like most vets and sell you kind words and hope. You will get the truth

"David Eccles Vets"

Been using David Eccles vets since 2006, absolutely brilliant. Would not go anywhere else.

His staff were fantastic with me when I had to have my cat PTS a couple of years ago - I was a total mess and they were really compassionate.


he told me truth ,other vet tried to get me to let them operate , dog had to be put to sleep 3 dats later like david said ,have got new pet and will take it there for all its needs

"Great Vets Practice"

I have had David for as long as I can remember. Rrecently I have had him more and more due to my pony being seriously ill. Throughout the time David has been great, very compassionate and professional.
The staff in the practice were amazing and the last week or so they have helped me so much. I could never thank them enough for how they have helped me sort out the awful steps every pet owner dreads. Thank you very much.


I found them efficient, professional and friendly. David was a little bit abrupt but that is just his way and at least you know where you stand and get the right answers would recommend him to anyone

David Eccles


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