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The Mews Veterinary Centre(Robert Dunn)

Our address:
The Mews Veterinary Centre
The Mews Veterinary Centre
Preseland Road
Merseyside, L23 5TJ

Tel: 0151 924 2025
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We treat the full range of pets at this surgery
We don't treat farm animals or equine
We have a particular interest and experience in the treatment of cats, dogs, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, small furries.
We treat indigenous wildlife without charge.

This surgery is near to these places:

Liverpool, Ince Blundell, Waterloo, Hightown, Thornton, Lydiate, Litherland, Formby, Little Crosby Village, Crosby, Great Crosby, Ford, Seaforth, Sefton, Old Roan, Merseyside, Netherton, Bootle

Our surgery Covers:

CatsDogsFerretsGuinea PigsRabbitsSmall Furries

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Pet Food

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Our cat is 12 years old and apart from vaccinations has only ever been to the vets once before many years ago. Just before Christmas we discovered a lump on her thigh, phoned The Mews, we were seen within an hour and our cat had surgery the following day. All the staff were lovely, including on follow up reviews, and although the diagnosis is not that great for our cat, we have all been treated with the utmost professionalism and kindness. A big thank you to all.

"Brilliant Vets"

I have been coming here for years. Mr Dunn and his team are fantastic. He did an amazing job on a big op my gorgeous little girl Cassie needed after being attacked by a big dog several years ago and the aftercare was amazing. Recently poor Cass suffered a sudden Stroke and Mr Dunn was brilliant as usual, unfortunately my little girl didn't pull through but the care and understanding was amazing. Mr Dunn always has time for you and you can put complete trust in him. Cassie will be sadly missed. I would definitely recommend this surgery.

"Such compassionate care to all"

I have been so impressed at the care offered not only to the animal -in our cat a young cat but U.S. As a family.
I have to say this exceeded our expectation and was much appreciated , thank you to all I cannot say how much I would recommend this practice.

"Top Class"

Mr Dunn & his staff gave my lovely Westie nothing but the absolute best care and attention during the 15 years she was with us. They also went above and beyond to help and support myself and my family. We will be forever grateful.

"Laser Therapy"

Does your pet suffer from chronic pain?
I have had fourteen border collies all of whom were rescued from various places and have fostered a few more besides, in all this time I have never encountered one of them suffering from chronic pain until this year. My older collie Jack who has an enlarged heart began excessively panting at night to the point where he was so loud he would wake me up. He clearly wasn't very happy and I assumed he was too hot and his heart was giving him trouble. I took him to see Rob Dunn at The Mews and discovered it was more likely to be the arthritis in his back and legs that were causing him pain and was prescribed some medication which helped but it wasn’t enough. Mr Dunn then told me about a laser therapy machine that they had at the practise, the only one in the northwest I think, he said it was very good at reducing inflammation and pain relief.
I’m a great believer in alternative and complementary therapies as it is the field I work in myself so I said I would think about it. The write up listed 10 benefits anti-inflammatory effect, analgesic effect, accelerated tissue repair and cell growth, improved vascular activity, increases metabolic activity, stimulation of trigger points and acupuncture points, reduced fibrous tissue formation, improved nerve function, immunoregulation and faster wound healing. It works well with:- arthritis, tendonitis, wounds, post-surgical swelling, inflamed ears, lick granuloma, hip dysplasia, disc disease, lameness, sinusitis and much more.
Jack was clearly suffering, when I first took him in I was almost expecting not to be bringing him home so making the decision to try the machine was easy. At £25 per session I feel it is quite affordable for most people and so we began. Mr Dunn gave him his first treatment and I was sure Jack looked happier when we left the surgery and slept quite well that night although he was still on medication. Tragedy struck the next day as he went off his food and I was frantic trying to coax him to eat, I rang the surgery and Mr Dunn arranged for something to settle his stomach and advised me to reduce one of the medications which may have upset his tummy. This I did and I had couple of scary days when again I thought I was going to lose my boy. I still took him in for his laser therapy though and miraculously not only did his appetite come back but his whole personality is now restored. He is happy and drug free and sleeping all through the night.
If you have a pet suffering from a painful condition I highly recommend this cold laser therapy, I know he won’t live forever but by golly it has given my Jack a new lease of life. Thank you Mr Dunn. All of the staff here are brilliant Thankyou to each and everyone of you.
Kids regards,
Kathleen x

"The Mews Vets Crosby"

Wouldn't take my pets anywhere else but 'The Mews' Over the past 28 yrs Mr Dunn and the team at the Mews have proved to be the most knowledgeable, humane and caring Professionals I have ever come across. Brilliant !


Best vets!! , all staff are very knowledgeable caring professional .Wouldn't go anywhere else


I want to thank everyone at the Mews Veterinary Surgery for all they did for our little Mimi and indeed for all the care, empathy and understanding they afforded my husband and I yesterday when we had to take the heartbreaking decision to let her go. Thank you for all you did and for the 18 and a half years of annual check ups and vaccinations


Absolutely lovely vets and they really care; been going there for years.


Absolutely the best!


I am very happy with this surgery. My cat had an eye infection a few years ago and the vet did advise that it would take a while to sort out, so I never felt that I was being strung along. He was very helpful and even rang some cat specialists for advice. My insurance claims were processed very quickly too.

"Veterinary Centre"

A friendly and knowledgeable practice, the vets and nurses are so compassionate. Also quick and efficient on paperwork for insurance claims.

The Mews Veterinary Centre


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