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Christopher Day(Chris Day)

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Christopher Day
Chinham House
High Street
Stanford in the Vale
Oxfordshire, SN7 8NQ

Tel: 01367 710324
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CHRIS DAY is herbal vet, acupuncture vet, homeopathic vet, holistic vet, alternative vet, complementary vet and natural vet, with more than 40 years of experience in the field. We run the practice with a deep respect for Nature. We put the patient first and we do our best to ensure that clients have information to enable them to make informed decisions and choices. We run the practice on traditional lines, with traditional values.

THE AVMC is a dedicated holistic veterinary referral practice, delivering Veterinary Acupuncture [equine acupuncture, canine acupuncture, feline acupuncture etc.], Veterinary Homeopathy, Veterinary Herbal Medicine and Chiropractic Manipulation treatment, along with Natural Feeding advice.

LOCATION: We are situated in the South-East, half-way between Oxford and Swindon and half-way between Faringdon and Wantage, in Oxfordshire. We are near the M40 and M4. We are in the London commuter zone, equidistant from London and Bristol. We are in the picturesque Vale of White Horse.

THE ALTERNATIVE VETERINARY MEDICINE CENTRE is internationally renowned for veterinary holistic medicine, veterinary complementary medicine, veterinary natural medicine and veterinary alternative medicine, accepting referrals and second opinions from UK-wide. In the USA, this is known as Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine (CAVM).

SERVICE: We deliver vet homeopathy, vet acupuncture, vet herbal medicine, vet chiropractic, LASER therapy etc., in a dedicated, relaxed, pet-friendly holistic practice. Patients come to us, in Oxfordshire. We also visit horses, ponies, farms, dogs and cats in the UK. We co-operate with veterinarians around the world and have visited patients in Ireland and various countries in Mainland Europe, apart from visiting in the UK.

CHRISTOPHER DAY is a holistic vet, alternative vet, natural vet, homeopathic vet, herbal vet (herb vet, herbs vet), chiropractic vet, acupuncture vet and complementary vet, with more than 40 years of experience in the field. He provides veterinary expertise in Veterinary Homeopathy (homoeopathy), Veterinary Acupuncture, Herbs (Veterinary Herbal Medicine), Chiropractic manipulation, LASER Therapy, Ultrasound and other natural therapies, for ALL species: dogs (canine), cats (feline), horses and ponies (equine), cattle, sheep, pigs and other farm animals, goats, donkeys, camelids, birds (avian), wild or exotic animals.

HERBAL MEDICINE: The use of plant remedies (herb medicine, herbs or 'phytotherapy') to treat illness. We tend to prefer to use indigenous herbs, rather than exotic herbs, where possible, despite the modern trend towards Indian herbs and Chinese herbs. We practise traditional Western herbal medicine. We do not practise Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or Ayurvedic Medicine as such. More information at: (herbs vet, herb vet, herbal vet).

ACUPUNCTURE: We use needles (needling), LASER, electrical stimulation, moxibustion and other techniques, depending upon the patient and the condition, in order to stimulate 'acupuncture points', which are to be found along the 'acupuncture meridians'. We offer each patient chiropractic manipulation in order to ensure better efficacy of the acupuncture. Acupuncture is of value in paralysis and in painful conditions such as spondylosis, DJD, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, ERU, back pain, arthritis and uveitis. More information at: (acupuncture vet).

HOMEOPATHY - HOMOEOPATHY: This 200 year-old and very scientific form of medicine is used to enable and to stimulate the body's incredible innate healing capability. Because of the body's ability, many intractable conditions can respond to homeopathy with holistic methodology, such as allergy, atopy, arthritis, colitis, epilepsy, autoimmune problems, uveitis, sweet itch, ERU, DJD, RAO, OCD, head shaking, laminitis, urticaria, COPD, eczema, dermatitis, uveitis, IBD, IBS, conjunctivitis, cystitis. More information available at: (homeopathic vet).

CHIROPRACTIC MANIPULATION: We have a special interest in back health and back problems, for horses, ponies, dogs, cats and other species. We offer each and every patient a chiropractic check and any necessary manipulation. This therapy is much-appreciated by the patients and enhances their general welfare and healing capability. In working animals, it can transform performance. Back pain is very restricting and reduces range of movement, activity, performance, welfare and well being. Chiropractic vet work is extremely rewarding. More information: (chiropractic vet).

NUTRITION: We advise on natural feeding and species-suitable feeding, believing good nutrition and a fresh, healthy diet to be the foundation upon which we build health. More information: (natural feeding).

HOLISTIC MEDICINE: We run a holistic practice. We integrate the above therapies and other natural techniques, in an individualised integrative therapeutic programme. We consider the patient as a whole, not just as a collection of signs and symptoms and not as a named 'disease' and we take into account diet, environment, lifestyle etc. for each patient. More information at: (holistic vet).

INTEGRATED MEDICINE: If patients are on current conventional therapy when we see them, we do not advise stopping it, for optimum patient safety and welfare. We integrate our input of natural therapies with each other and, if appropriate, they are integrated with the conventional medication. This is done in such a way that the various therapies neither clash nor dangerously summate and that they support each other. It is often found, however, as patients improve, that conventional drugs can be reduced or stopped at a later date. More information at: (integrated vet, integrative vet).

INFORMATION: Chris Day provides a major information and opinion website at:, in order to inform readers about natural therapies, holistic veterinary medicine and animal welfare. One cannot make informed choices without information.

LECTURES & TEACHING: Chris Day provides lectures, with a good selection of modern visual aids. He is involved in teaching and in clinical research. He is also actively involved in animal welfare issues. He has published many books on veterinary homeopathy and natural veterinary medicine.

CONSULTATIONS: He consults at the practice and will visit ANY species, anywhere in the UK. It is mostly a referral service:

VETTING: Time permitting, he can offer practice clients a holistic horse vetting or holistic pony vetting service:

ONLINE: He offers an on-line VIDEO CONSULTATION SERVICE in support of local veterinary services, worldwide, for those who cannot find the help they need nearby and are unable to travel, whether from location, illness, disability, distance etc. Details:

SPECIES: We mainly treat horses, ponies, dogs, cats and birds but we see a steady number of goats, rabbits and donkeys. We also treat all manner of cage animals, reptiles and exotic species [Horse, Pony, Dog, Cat, Goat, Donkey, Rabbit, Bird].

ENVIRONMENT: We have a deep respect for and love of Nature. We use no herbicides or pesticides on the premises. All our cleaning and disinfectant reagents are natural/ecological. We allow the premises to be a haven for wildlife, rather than manicured and barren. Our patients really appear to appreciate all of this. We are avid recyclers and we have published an environment policy.

Our natural medicine is delivered in a homely and relaxed environment, which is both pet friendly and people friendly.

Dog acupuncture - Dog homeopathy - Horse acupuncture - Horse homeopathy - Cat acupuncture - Cat homeopathy

Species treated:

We treat the full range of pets at this surgery
We treat the full range of farm animals including equine
We have a particular interest and experience in the treatment of cattle, racehorses, sheep.
We treat indigenous wildlife without charge.

This surgery is near to these places:

Swindon, Knighton, Oxfordshire, Faringdon, Stanford In The Vale, North Denchworth, Sparsholt, Pusey, Sandshill, Little Coxwell, Baulking, Goosey, Shellingford, Letcombe Regis, Littleworth, Grove, Carswell Marsh, Kingston Bagpuize, Hinton Waldrist, Childrey, Westcot, Hatford, Great Coxwell, Charney Bassett, Kingston Lisle, Gainfield, Fawler, Denchworth, Carswell, Fernham, Little Hatford, Southmoor, West Hanney, Challow, Duxford, Grove Wick, Uffington, Chimney

Practice Interests:

Complementary medicine

Opening times:

All consultations by appointment (typical week shown)

Surgery Open 0900-1700
Consultations 1000-1300 1430-1800

Surgery Open 0900-1300
Equine or Farm visits all day

Surgery Open 0900-1700
Equine or Farm visits all day

Surgery Open 0900-1700
Consultations 1000-1300 1430-1800

Surgery Open 0900-1700

Recorded message refers to emergency services

Recorded message refers to emergency services

Alternative Medicine

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No mobile services available.

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Christopher Day is a fantastic vet.
I travelled with my dog Poppy from Norfolk twice.
He really did change our lives for the better.
After an emergency treatment for a mass on the back of Poppy's brain (9yrs old) we asked my local vet for a referral to Christopher Day which they happily endorsed.
They and I am so happy with Poppy's recovery.
To date our family and Poppy have enjoyed an extra 4 years together, which at the time of first visiting Chris we expected a lot less.
Christopher treated her as a whole not just for the acute problem but for full health. Within hours of seeing Chris we not only got our physical Poppy back, we got her
spirit and naughtiness back to.

"Must Visit This Vet"

Excellent service and solved the problem with my dog. What more could you want?


I have been taking my pets (dogs, cats and rabbits) to Chris Day for over 23 years. He has never failed to help them; either curing them or making their lives better if a cure was not possible. I always recommend him to others and those that have taken my advice to see him have not been disappointed.


After searching many vets locally to myself I quickly realised most veterinary practices seem to be overselling, (I am a novice dog owner and have had a dog for 16 months now), this prompted me to start doing my own research on all subjects, like vaccinations, neutering, flea and worm treatments etc. I read a book by Catherine O'Driscoll titled What the vets don't tell you about vaccinations. I emailed this lady and she recommended Chris Day. What an eye opener to say the very least. This is the best vet I have ever seen, after visiting most if not all my area. He is a gentleman and he puts his patients first. He offers ALOT of information and has ALOT of knowledge/treatments conventional vets don't simply have. I will never go anywhere else. God bless you sir and I look forward to seeing you again.


Chris is a Fantastic vet, able to work alongside my local conventional vets treatment with understanding and skill. My dog would not have the life she has without his treatment and ongoing care.

"Blue cream British Shorthair"

I brought my precious girl to Chris in 1995 with a pyometra which was unsuccessfully treated by my Vet. As she was special for my breeding lines I went to find help from the Homeopathic route. This girl went on to have a couple of successful litters and I still have her progeny showing successfully and having lovely kittens. How wonderful is that. My grateful thanks.

"Christopher Day"

Excellent Homeopathic Vet
Saw my puppy and within a few minutes had put his pelvis back in place
Also realigned him
No vet spotted this problem and my dog had to suffer until I met Christopher
We are losing our Furry Souls by many conventional vets lack of knowledge perhaps if people worked together the ego would not need to over take them and our Animals would stand a better chance of a healthy life
Thank you Christopher Day


I'm amazed there aren't pages of glowing reviews! Chris treated my Flatcoated retriever, Fern way back in 1991/2. Conventional veterinary science had failed to treat her terrible bloating and she was slowly dying. Even Chris could not cure her, as he freely admitted, but he promised to "Teach her to live with it." He did and I had over 10 years with a proud, determined, highly talented and glorious spirit . I think maybe Chris might still remember Fern!


Chris has helped two of our dogs have an improved life in their latter years. His chiropractic and laser treatments helped improve their mobility. Our other four dogs now have a bi annual checkup with him which helps their mobility and general health using natural treatments. I would recommend him to anyone who wishes to have their pet treated naturally.

Christopher Day


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