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Arrowfield Veterinary Group

Our address:
Arrowfield Veterinary Group
Unit 7
Presteigne Industrial Estate
Powys, LD8 2UF

Tel: 01544 267626
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Species treated:

We treat the full range of pets at this surgery
We treat the full range of farm animals including equine

This surgery is near to these places:

Shropshire, Deerfold, Lingen, Birtley, Powys, Knucklas, Norton, The Rodd, Coombe, Lloyney, Rookery Lane, Discoyd, Evancoyd, Presteigne, Rhos-y-Meirch, Walton, Llanfairwaterdine, Llanshay Lane, Llangunllo, Nash, Stowe, Roddhurst, Stanage, Cwmgilla Lane, Old Radnor, Stapleton, Kinsham, Knighton, Knill, Stonewall Hill, Heyope, Coombes Moor, Whitton, Cascob, Kinnerton, Evenjobb, New Radnor, Herefordshire, Staunton-on-Arrow, Gorsty, Newton, Headlands, Weston, Dunfield, Sunset, Aymestrey, Titley, Holmesmarsh, Easthampton, Shobdon, Eardisland, Pembridge, Uphampton, Huntington, Bearwood, Chickward, Beechgrove, Shirlheath, Gladestry, Mahollem, Newchurch, Upper Hergest, Kingsland, Floodgates, Rushock, Stanner, Cobnash, Michaelchurch, Spond, Colva, Marston, Stansbatch, Kington, Kingswood, Hereford, Almeley, Eardisley, Kinnersley, Whitney-on-Wye, Sarnesfield, Dilwyn, Clifford, Letton

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I had to take her in as an emergency on Saturday morning and was met with nothing but kindness. Paul especially was brilliant. Seren is now well on the road to complete recovery. Thank you so much.

Arrowfield Veterinary Group


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