Willow Veterinary Clinic

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Willow Veterinary Clinic
Leek Rd
Staffordshire, ST9 9BA

Tel: 01782 503166

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"cat treatment"

We have used willow for a couple of years. 2 years ago, after another local vet taking hundreds of pounds from us treating our 18 year old Bengal cat for a number of age-related complaints. We had no improvement for 3 months and assumed the worst. Having then taken our cat to willow he was diagnosed with campylobacter treated with medication and was back to normal in 2 weeks. Clive gave another precious 18 months with our cat until we finally lost him to old age. We recently had a savannah kitten and were devastated to find his legs wouldn't work one morning and bent the wrong way, it was dreadful to see. We took him to willow, Clive suspected a number of possibilities and after 2 weeks he is back to being a kitten full of mischief again. We are very grateful to Clive and the staff for their professionalism, thoroughness and care taken.

Willow Veterinary Clinic


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