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Voo Vets Wandsworth
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Tel: 020 8874 5666
E-mail the Surgery (wandsworth@welovevoo.com)

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At Voo Veterinary we believe in providing the very best in veterinary medicine and pet healthcare.

As a family owned and run group, we are friendly, caring and approachable and love to look after the local pet community and take a great deal of pride in being able to make a difference to you and your pets.

We promise to do our utmost and always commit to doing what is right for you and your pets.

All our practices are connected, so should your pet need to use our emergency services, we will always know your pet's history, treatments and medications.

We have a dedicated 24hr emergency and hospital care team. We don't send your pets to unfamiliar clinics, they will stay with us until they are better, and well enough to return home. 

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We treat the full range of pets at this surgery
We don't treat farm animals or equine

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Greater London, Wandsworth, Wandsworth Common, Earlsfield, Southfields, Summerstown

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MON: 8:30am - 7:00pm
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WED:8:30am - 7:00pm
THU: 8:30am - 7:00pm
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SUN: Closed

24Hr Emergency Number: 07714 295844



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"Kind and professional"

These guys know me and my dog Phoebe very well! They are super kind and great vets and have been brilliant with me when times have been financially tough which is much appreciated. They saved her life as a puppy too. Highly recommended. Thanks guys. Xx


Dear Emma and Lilia,
Re: Kilo Tail amputation - 05/ 02/16

Really many thanks for your skills, Emma.
Surgery looks super tidy.

I am so glad that you were there at Surbiton Vet on a Saturday afternoon.
Due to your skills, Kilo and his tail is doing well.

Took Kilo in at Wandsworth / Barmouth Rd. 08/03/ 16 for check up with Carmen and he is all good and tail healing well.

16/03/ 16
To date: Kilo's tail all good and healing. stitches black, crackly and ready to drop off.
He does not seem much worried about his tail loss and not that interested in the tail stitches.
He did not need the the head cones x 2.
Returning head cones x 2 to Barmouth Rd. for further use.

Appointment booked at Barmouth Rd., tail check up 9 am - 24/03/16.

Really, thank you for you for being there.

All The Best,


I have been using this veterinary practice for over twenty years. They have always been kind, considerate, and compassionate to all pets of mine and other patients.

"Wonderful kind professional super capable"

An absolutely wonderful practice, lovely lady vet, utterly accommodating team. Very professional, practical, kind & calm with an obvious love for animals and heaps of patience for new owners!. We went away armed with information and practical things about general care and what types of treatment (neutering -as in, when we should do it & outcomes and worming- which is not likely to be necessary). Very reassured and felt like such a capable pair of hands. Prices reasonable for London/Wandsworth. Thank you! Owners of Midnight & Twitch


They are really friendly and happy to speak to you over the phone. Also I have always been able to take my dog in at short notice if I need to.

Voo Vets Wandsworth


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