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Twickenham Veterinary Surgery
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Tel: 020 8898 0528
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We are a very friendly practice and pride ourselves in the dedicated care we give at affordable prices. Christabel, our main vet is experienced in the treatment of dogs, cats and small furries (rabbits, guinea pigs etc). We like to take an integrated approach to solving cases and can offer alternative therapies such as acupuncture.

Species treated:

We treat the full range of pets at this surgery
We don't treat farm animals or equine
We have a particular interest and experience in the treatment of ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits.

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FerretsGuinea PigsRabbits

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All consultations by appointment

Surgery Open 08:30-19:00
Consultations 08:30-11:00 15:00-19:00

Surgery Open 08:30-19:00
Consultations 08:30-11:30 16:00-19:00

Surgery Open 08:30-19:00
Consultations 08:30-10:00 15:30-18:00

Surgery Open 08:30-19:00
Consultations 08:30-10:30 16:30-19:00

Surgery Open 08:30-19:00
Consultations 08:30-10:30 16:30-19:00

Surgery Open 09:00-12:00
Consultations 09:00-12:00

Surgery Closed: 24 emergency service available locally

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No mobile services available.

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"Great care of our rabbits"

I absolutely love this vets. We used two other local vets in the past who we were not overly impressed with, seemed to be more interested in making a profit than the animal.

Anyway, Twickenham Vets is brilliant. We had two rabbits in their care before who were well cared for unfortunately one was caught by a fox and the other died of natural causes.

We now have Benjamin bunny who had his jabs there a few weeks ago and the price was very reasonable and included his first check up. He spent the day at the clinic yesterday being neutered. I expected him to be out of sorts for at least a couple of days but they've done such a great job all he has is a little swelling down there. He's munching away happily going to the toilet and I even felt he was fine to go out in his run for an hour today which perked him up even more. 24 hours later it's almost as if he's back to normal. Still giving him a chance to take it easy.

I think this vets is one of the best. So glad they're so near us and they all seem to genuinely care about the pets and very importantly, the pets seem to care about them :) highly recommend this vets to anyone looking.

Twickenham Veterinary Surgery


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