D.W Thurston

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D.W Thurston
Green Hollow Veterinary Surgery
School Rd
Ruyton XI Towns
Shropshire, SY4 1JT

Tel: 01939 261216

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We don't treat small animals at this surgery
We don't treat farm animals or equine

This surgery is near to these places:

Shropshire, Bagley, Weirbrook, Turfmoor, Queens Head, Mayfields, Bagley Marsh, Melverley, Knockin Heath, Middleton, Eardiston, Haughton, Edgerley, Pradoe, Wigmarsh, Kinnerley, Heathwaen, Sandford, Knockin, Plassey, Tedsmore, Criftins, Rednal, Dovaston, The Cross, Kynaston, West Felton, Grimpo, Twyford, Shrewsbury, Lower Hopton, Boreatton, Petton, Bausley, Valeswood, Montford Bridge, Great Ness, Yeaton, Little Ensdon, Montford, Alberbury, Grafton, Ruyton Xi Towns, Shrawardine, Ensdon, Elbridge, Merrington, Little Ness, Walford, Broomfields, Baschurch, Coedway, Yeaton Peverey, Halfway House, Burlton, Marton, Wattlesborough, Weston Lullingfields, Newtown, Pecknall, Fenemere, Pentre, Myddle Wood, Prescott, Rowton, Milford, Old Woods, Eyton, Felton Butler, Wilcott, Stanwardine, Ness Strange, Shotatton, Wykey, Nesscliffe, Adcote, Ruyton Moss, Hopton, Alderton, Brownhill, Crew Green, Pennyrush, Walford Heath

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Have used this vets for 3 years and had to call them in an emergency the other evening and they were amazing!! Had a follow up appointment with my springer the next morning!! Can't give them enough praise for their professionalism and care they have shown!! I wouldn't use another vet for any of our animals!!

D.W Thurston


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