Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital

Our address:
Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital
Larkhill Rd
Wiltshire, SP4 8DP

Tel: 01980 654404

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Species treated:

We treat the full range of pets at this surgery
We don't treat farm animals or equine

This surgery is near to these places:

Hampshire, Tidworth, Palestine, Shipton Bellinger, Wiltshire, Enford, Rushall, East Chisenbury, West Chisenbury, Upavon, Salisbury, Larkhill, Normanton, Orcheston, Winterbourne Stoke, West Amesbury, Haxton, Shrewton, Cholderton, Milston, Boscombe Down, Berwick St James, Lake, Allington, Amesbury, Boscombe, Wilsford, Figheldean, Newton Toney, Bulford, Idmiston, Porton, Durrington, Tilshead, Bulford Barracks, Great Durnford, Fittleton, Druids Lodge, Netheravon, Porton Down

Opening times:

All consultations by appointment

0830 - 1830
0900 - 1300

24 hour emergency service

Practice Standards:

Mobile Services

No mobile services available.

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"Level of service"

I knew that his practise was amazing, but I really since moving away and as such having to use other vets I had really realised that the level of customer care, genuine concern for your pet, level of explanation and time taken with you far out ways what ther practises offer. I am now going to travel to use this practise as my little dog is unwell and I just cannot find the level of care or trust in my local practises that I had come to take for granted in Stonehenge.

Stonehenge Veterinary Hospital


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