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Spire Vets
The Veterinary Clinic
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Tel: 01246 455333
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We treat the full range of pets at this surgery
We treat the full range of farm animals including equine

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Sheffield, Nether Handley, Middle Handley, West Handley, Derbyshire, Old Brampton, Chatsworth, Ashgate, Barlow, Holmesfield, Whittington Moor, Baslow, Edensor, Wigley, Staveley, Dronfield Woodhouse, Stanton Ford, Walton, Unstone, Calow, Wadshelf, Wilday Green, Peakley Hill, Millthorpe, Hollingwood, Cutthorpe, Barrow Hill, Hasland, Hundall, Apperknowle, Pilsley, Eastmoor, Upper Loads, Old Whittington, Inkersall, Brimington, Dronfield, Chesterfield, New Whittington, Holymoorside

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Consulting times:  9-11am (Appointments only),  2-4pm (Open Surgery) & 5-7pm (Appointments only) Monday-Friday.
Open surgery on Saturdays (9-11am & 2-4pm)

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"Ellie our chocolate Labrador"


wonderful vets .have used them now for abour 30 yrs and have always found them caring and conciencious i wouldnt change them i travel to use them and would reccomend them to all

"Value for money"

I would like to thank you Ian for running a practice that doesn't rip there clients off! I have searched for many years to find a vet that actually cares for both patient and owner. Money can be a problem for many people who love there pets and most vets don't
care only,interested in blatantly playing on owners feeling, caring ONLY for there own pockets.
If anyone out there wants a vet that puts pets first. This is the one! Give then a try.

"Thank you"

Want to thank the team for looking after Ouzo while having his biopsy and for the good communication after, to review our options with him. Although the out come wasn't what I wanted to hear, I'm pleased for the support given. Thank you again x Ian must be proud to have a great team....

"my tiah"

i am so very thank ful to this vets that iu have my dog with me still because when i took her here she was near death , unbeknowing to me she would have been dead the next day she was diagnosed with severlky advanced pyromeia . and it was touch and go whether she would pull through the operation. i was waiting for the phone call all night and all day , i think really expecting bad news , when the phone call did come she was fine and all my worrying had been for nothing . fetched her back and she was like a little spring lamb again . i was very thankful for being able to take my baby tiah home with me and i will be eternally grateful to this vets for saving my babys life . dont know what i would do with out her . these vets are second to none and i would recommend this vets to anyone . they are caring and do the job very well . thank you everyone at spire veterinary clinic. xxx

"aftercare treatment"

"Vets in general"

Best vets I have ever had.would only change if I couldn't get there

"The Best"

My lovely dog Tess got knocked down when the Tour de France was on, it was Sunday, all the roads nearby were closed off. Rang Spire vets, Ian answered, they were closed but he waited an hour until we could get through, thanks to a non jobsworth policeman who told us to follow him and got us through all the roads. Sadly Tess's leg was so badly injured Ian would have had to amputate but as Tess had recently had a big operation and was old and showing signs of getting near the end it was considered the kindest thing was not to let her suffer anymore. Ian as usual was fantastic and caring, he left us to make the decision and left us with here to say our goodbyes. I now live over the other side of Sheffield but still wouldn't go to any other vets. No packets of seeds of Forget Me Nots after paying extortionate prices from some vets, makes my eyes water knowing what some vets charge. Just good honest (and a great sense of humour from Ian). Off today to get my old dog seen to and my Cavalier checked before spaying.


when i found a stray injured kitten i took him to this vets and from walking in from the receptionist to the vet they was very kind and professional i will certainly use this surgery from now .......thank you agaim

"Italian Greyhounds and Whippets"

Ian, Bruce and all his staff are most welcoming and the health of your pet is paramount. There's none of this, "Oh we need to do this test and that test", until many many questions have been asked. I have taken my dogs to Ian's for years and only the best care has been lavished upon them. One particular Italian Greyhound broke her leg after slipping on ice and even though it was Christmas Eve when it happened, one of the vets went over to Sheffield to get a plate for her leg. Not sure if they would arrive in time as they didn't leave until approximately 45 minutes before the platers closed. Think he must have flown because he came back with the plate within two hours as they had specially made it whilst the vet waited. Ian was the only vet to recognise that one of my Whippets who lives in Scotland with my son had an immune system disorder which the vets in their home town had said was a pulled muscle! Ian confirmed the situation on seeing Blue and he suggested that they take him to Dickies (Vet Med school). This was done and 5 years later he is still here with us thanks to Ian and his team.

"Spire Vets"

I've used Spire Vets for over 20 years ,my dog Zak has just had lumps taken off & his nuts off ???? this week and they are brill ,I'm one really fussy pet owner and I wouldn't trust any other vet with my best friend.
Many thanks to them all ????

"spires vets"

Ian is the best bet going . Honest gives the best care to all animals, there are a few vets there but I prefer to see Ian. He is down to earth tell u as it is. Wouldn't go anywhere else. The downside is some of the vet nurses / reception are quite rude a times not all but a few.but dnt that let that put you off. The standard of care to the animals or outstanding.


five star service all the way through

"standard of treatment"

we have used this practice since 1984, our animals have always been treated with love and respect. there are no overblown hidden extras in the price, they will fight tooth and nail to do what is right for their patients, the best advice will always be given if the case is hopeless they will not let the animal suffer. the animal will always be their first priority. first class in all our dealing with them.

"Spire vets"

Have used this vet for 30years and would never consider going anywhere else. There was one receptionist who would have benefited from enrolling on customer service course but in general everyone on reception is very pleasant. This is not a "fluffy bunny vets" it is a country vet and you are just as likely to see a sheep or goat in the waiting room as you are dogs and cats. Don't be put off by the waiting room which can get a bit smelly at times, each and every one of the resident vets would not recommend any treatment that wasn't in the best interest of your animal. They have never overcharged me in all the years I've been going and I trust their judgement implicitly. Those reviewers giving less than 4 stars perhaps need the aforesaid "fluffy bunny" vets where everything is pristine and clinical and very very expensive.

"Spire Vets"

Excellent team of caring and knowledgeable vets. Highly recommend to all my bulldog owning friends.

"my dog storm"

top rate vet very helpful
been got to this vet for last 12 years
thank you

"dog treatmant"

best vets i have used.honest and tell you how it is.

"Caring service"

My 11 year old cat Molly was rushed to the emergency vet after being bitten and after our visit we found run over not sure in which order. Lucy the vet was brilliant very caring and compassionate. Over the few days in their care Lucy kept us fully informed and even when the time came to let Molly go Lucy was there with us.. The service, care and compassion for this practice is their number 1 priority not the £ a rarity in this day and age. Thank you so much and keep up the excellent service you provide


been using this vet for 40 years i would never go anywhere else they are not just in it for the money they care i try to see Bruce or Ian when i go

"Tallulah the bulldog"

Excellent service for dog with allergies

"good vet"


"quality care"

Ian and his team are excellent. `they have been treating my dogs for the past 7 years. Raquel saved the life of our yorkshire terrier pup when he was only 8 weeks old. We are very grateful to all the vets. they are all excellent. we would not go anywhere else for treatment. Prices are reasonable. The nursing staff are also excellent. Overall 5 star service is provided.


Very Good Team


I had to see ian on an emergency visit to the vets one night for my sick cat, he knew straight away what was wrong with her and how to deal with her problem. They don't care about the money only the best care for your animals, although our outcome was sad he was brilliant with me and princess. Fantastic caring man

"The Best Vets in Britain"

We have seen both Ian and Bruce with our beloved German Shepperd. On all occassion from her first jabs through to her final minutes. Bruce attended out of hours early hours of the morning. Although the best advice in the interest of our much loved bonnie was to give her the peace she deserved. He didnt rush at all and left us for a good half hour to say our good nights. He used his time to look over other clients pets in over night care.
Also he to on all arrangements for creamation of bonnie. And the return of her in a lovely casket.
It seams money is of little importence to spire, they provide excellent service and care above cost and time.
keep up the fab work all you guys at Spire Vets.

"Carpal valgus"

"best vets ever"

always there for me and my horse when I need them couldn't ask for a better service!

"Best vet"

Best vet around for service , professionalism and value
Would recommend to anyone

"millie and poppy"

the best !


very happy with Ian and his team at Spire. When our EBT fell ill, Ian idenified her problem immedialty, (despite a visit to a different vets only 1week prior they didnt pick up the problem) and although it was a sad outcome for us, Ian didnt beat about the bush or pussy foot around wanting to do expensive tests and wasting our money. I now use Spire for my two new puppies. And recommend them to everyone i speak to.


Misty our 13 year old Border Collie had a 'very' big growth removed from her right leg, her treatment was first class and Ian and his staff were very caring and professional, we can't thank them enough. A year later we have just come back from our usual 3 holiday in Scotland and have had a wonderful time with her playing, walking and swimming. Keep up the good work. Janet xx

"The best"

My dogs get the best possible care and when my bulldog needed an op for her ears they charge for the dog not for the money
I also have a horse and they don't normally come this far but they did
In an emergency they take the time to care and to care about you
It's not about the price but it helps its the quality you get from all who work at the practice it's worth the trip

"Bo.my bulldog."

Ian Taylor is an amazing man and full of compassion.hes known my bulldog all her life.from first injections .operating on het cancer to putting her to sleep..what you see is what you get with ian.no heirs n graces. The truth always.true kind and considerate man.godbless you.xxx

"This Vet is the Best"

You could not ask for a better vets than this

Spire Vets


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