Marches Veterinary Group - Ludlow Surgery

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Marches Veterinary Group - Ludlow Surgery
Coronation Avenue
Shropshire, SY8 1DN

Tel: 01584 877877
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Species treated:

We don't treat small animals at this surgery
We don't treat farm animals or equine

This surgery is near to these places:

Shropshire, Westhope, Upper Millichope, Priors Halton, Parrowfield, Henley, The Goggin, Haytons Bent, Blackford, Aston-on-Clun, Dinchope, Upper Walton, Onibury, Greete, Aldon, Aston Munslow, Norton, Haynall, Downton Hall, Wetmore, Toddings, Shawbank, Whitbatch, Clee Stanton, Stokesay, Marlow, Tugford, The Harbour, The Firs, Halford, Clee Downton, Fishmore, Hope Bagot, Diddlebury, Corfton Bache, Middleton, Harton, Wheathill, Middlehope, Abcott, Gorstley Rough, Postons, Shelderton, Ashford Carbonel, Stoke St Milborough, Richards Castle, Orleton, Downton Castle, Cold Weston, Wettleton, Wheat Common, Ledwyche, Duxmoor, Whitty Tree, Strefford, Pedlars Rest, Seifton, Rock Green, Bache, Hopton Cangeford, Batchcott, Medley Park, Cockshutford, Vernolds Common, The Stalls, Millichope, Clungunford, Titterhill, Little Hereford, Leintwardine, Downton-on-the-rock, The Poles, Ticklerton, Overton, Alcaston, Caynham, Clee St Margaret, Corfton, Bitterley, Beckjay, Blackbridge, Ashford Bowdler, Sutton, Comberton, Stanton Lacy, Kinton, Peaton, Lady Halton, Beambridge, Eaton-under-Heywood, Knowbury, The Sheet, Steventon, Rowton, Craven Arms, Culmington, Pipe Aston, Heath, Lawton, Leinthall Starkes, Whitton, Seifton Batch, Abdon, Snitton, Portway, Baucott, Adforton, Elton, Worcestershire, Berrington, Nash, Herefordshire, Leinthall Earls

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"Marches Vets"

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Marches Veterinary Group - Ludlow Surgery


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