Penbode Veterinary Group

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Penbode Veterinary Group
Horizon View
Cornwall, EX23 9AB

Tel: 01288 353766

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Cornwall, Bude, Upton, Lower Upton, Bush, Kilkhampton, Diddies, Stratton, Tresmorn, Launcells, Gooseham, Youlstone, St Gennys, Crackington Haven, Woolley, Jacobstow, Hersham, Widemouth Bay, Morwenstow, Dizzard, Stamford Hill, Canworthy Water, Northcott Mouth, Poughill, Maxworthy, Dunsmouth, Grimscott, Kings Hill, Lower Woodford, Eastcott, Woodford, Poundstock, Ivyleaf Hill, Lynstone, Shop, Marhamchurch, Stibb, Devon, Bridgerule, Hartland, Pyworthy, Week St Mary, Clawton, Whitstone, Burnards House, North Tamerton, Pancrasweek, Welcombe

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"My treatment"

Whilst on holiday in Cornwall I became unwell and had a very bad gastric disorder which made me very dehydrated. I was seen straight away and was put on a drip and antibiotics and was feeling well again in no time. Thanks to the vet and nurses who looked after me so nicely and sorry about all the noise I made when I was feeling better. Back in Hertfordshire now and back to my old self.
Thanks again, Lola the Shih Tzu.


Sometime ago our dog Louise a cocker spaniel swallowed what turn out to be half a walnut which lodged in has intestine which blocked the intestine and had it been for the outstanding work of the vets and nurses Louise would have died, all the staff at bude Penrose vets are outstanding professional and friendly human beings.

"Pet Care"

We were on the last day of our holiday when out pet greyhound cut his front leg on some barbed wire. We rushed her to Penbode vets at Bude and the vet and the staff did a wonderful job looking after her. When we had to get the bandage change at our vets in Kent they said Penbode had don a very good job and they were amazed how cheep it was. Ron Wood

Penbode Veterinary Group


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