Paragon Veterinary Group - Dalston(Caldew Veterinary Centre)

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Paragon Veterinary Group - Dalston
Carlisle House
Townhead Rd
Cumbria, CA5 7JF

Tel: 01228 710208
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  • Paragon Veterinary Group is a Cumbrian-based veterinary practice with over 70 years experience in caring for animals.
  • Our mixed practice operates from two bases: Dalston near Carlisle and Newbiggin near Penrith.
  • Consulting rooms, dispensary, and spacious comfortable waiting rooms and operating theatres equipped for soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery.
  • Practice laboratory.
  • 24 hour on-call service.
  • Extensive on-site parking.

Species treated:

We treat the full range of pets at this surgery
We don't treat farm animals or equine

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Carlisle (Centre), Carlisle, Newton Arlosh, Raughton Head, Buckabank, Swinsty, Tarraby, Macey Bank, Stoneraise, Stockdalewath, Moorhouse, Monkhill, Kelsick, Burgh-by-Sands, Thursby, Caldewgate, Garlands, Beaumont, Ivegill, Welton, Low Cotehill, Rockcliffe, Wreay, Cumdivock, Longburgh, Baldwinholme, Newby Cross, Whitrigglees, Cardew, Stanwix, Crofton, Cocklakes, Glasson, Low Hesket, Mellguards, Kingstown, Tewthwaite Green, Oughterby, High Bridge, Edentown, Sceughmire, Orton Grange, Orton Park, High Hesket, Low Harker, Low Braithwaite, Belle Vue, Raughton, Abbey Town, Drumburgh, Etterby, Thurstonfield, Greenspot, Kirkbride, Inglewood Edge, Cotehill, Orton Rigg, Brisco, Whinnow, Stainton, Fingland, Justicetown, High Wreay, Kirkandrews-on-Eden, Hayton, Cargo, Gaitsgill, Ratten Row, Grinsdale Bridge, Kingmoor, Durranhill, Great Orton, Monkcastle, The Gill, Aiketgate, Scotby, Southwaite, Cummersdale, Anthorn, Boustead Hill, Broadfield, Harker Road Ends, Whitrigg, Nether Welton, Cardewlees, Nealhouse, Cumwhinton, Bow, Woodhouses, Dalston, Unthank, Grinsdale, Blackwell, Kirkbampton, Little Orton, Sowerby Row, Sandale, Newby West, Rickerby, Carleton, Willowholme, Cardurnock, Longcroft, Boltongate, Botcherby, Todhills, Sebergham, Durdar, Burthwaite, Cumbria, Thornby Moor, Brocklebank, Warblebank, Wiggonby, Waverton, West Woodside, Lamonby, Dundraw, Thomas Close, Micklethwaite, Ellonby, Moor Row, Oulton, Tiffenthwaite, Hutton Roof, Woodrow, Rosley, Wigton, Wheyrigg, Waverbridge, Thornby, East Woodside, Bolton New Houses, Bolton Low Houses, Caldbeck, Curthwaite, Waterside, Hesket Newmarket, Aikton, Biglands, Blencogo, Lesson Hall, Gamelsby, Brackenthwaite, Westward, East Curthwaite, Little Bampton, Red Dial

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