Orchard Veterinary Centre

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Orchard Veterinary Centre
Lower High St
West Midlands, WS10 7AL

Tel: 0121 556 6890

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West Midlands, Tipton, Great Bridge, Ocker Hill, Moxley, Hill Top, West Bromwich, Princes End, Wednesbury, Golds Hill, Darlaston, Swan Village

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Been with orchard in wednesbury for just over a year now since taking in a 7 month old rescue cavalier king Charles, ruby. Ruby is covered under the health scheme which offers superb value for money and peace of mind. She has been treated under the scheme for minor things such as an upset stomach, a major operation to rectify luxating patella and routine boosters and health checks. I couldn't be more satisfied with the service I receive every time I contact the vets,the professionalism of the staff,expertise of the vets and the respect they shoe for the wellbeing of my dog. I feel they concern themselves with maintaining a healthy pet rather than treating a sick one which is exactly what I want from a vet. They offer realistic and helpful advice whenever I need it. I can't recommend them highly enough

Orchard Veterinary Centre


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