C.J Hall

Our address:
C.J Hall
Temple Sheen Rd
East Sheen
London, SW14 7PY

Tel: 020 8876 9696

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General information about this Surgery:


The Surgery has been established since 1994 and is a first opinion and referral clinic for exotic species. There are two full time veterinary surgeons, four nurses (all with exotics training) and ancillary staff. We have a sister practice in Acton (West London) which deals in domestic pets and shares in the out of hours rota.

Diagnostics: We are well equipped to diagnose your exotic pet's condition with a hospital standard x-ray machine and automatic processor, ultrasound scanner, endoscopy, ECG and an on site laboratory for same day blood results reducing the time spent to reach a diagnosis.

Surgical Procedures: The surgery has a fully equipped dedicated operating theatre with isoflurane anaesthesia, air drills, diathermy (a cutting system which minimizes blood loss), ultrasound and Doppler (to monitor anaesthetics) operating microscopes, surgical suction and video-endoscopy.

Hospitalization Facilities: We have full hospitalization facilities including intensive care and isolation units, controlled temperature/humidity tanks and nebulization facilities. Our experienced and dedicated nursing staff provides the care for your pets recovery.

Referrals: We provide an exotics referral service for small animal veterinary surgeons. We will liaise with your own veterinary surgeon for case histories and follow up treatments. We will not provide treatment, drugs or advice for domestic animals, which accompany a referred exotic animal.

Species treated:

We treat the full range of pets at this surgery
We don't treat farm animals or equine
We have particular interest and experience in treating avian (bird), exotic species.
We have a particular interest and experience in the treatment of ferrets, guinea pigs, parrots and cockatiels, rabbits.

This surgery is near to these places:

Surrey, Richmond, Kew, Greater London, East Sheen, Pen Ponds, Beverley Brook, Richmond Park, Brentford, Mortlake, Royal Botanic Gardens, Bog Lodge, Queens Cott, Old Deer Park, North Sheen, Richmond Hill, Roehampton Gate, White Lodge, Dukes Meadows, Star & Garter Home, East Sheen Common

Our surgery Covers:

FerretsGuinea PigsParrots and CockatielsRabbitsAvian (Bird)Exotic

Opening times:

All consultations by appointment

Monday to Friday
Surgery Open 0830-1930
Consultations 0830-1015 1230-1430 1630-1930

Surgery Open 0830-1230

Emergencies only

Mobile Services

No mobile services available.

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