M Gourley

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M Gourley
Wellington Rd
Lancashire, OL6 6DP

Tel: 0161 330 2514

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Cheshire, Heyrod, Dukinfield, Stalybridge, Millbrook, Lancashire, Ashton-under-Lyne, Oldham, Bardsley

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"derek the cat"

Dear old derek in the wars again had some kind of fit very early in morning. We turned up without appointment and yet again they took exceptionally good care of him - many thanks to staff especially Dorota the vet. Seems to be on the mend with no ill effects unlike myself who could use a stiff drink !! Had cat's for many years best vet's I've been to complaints about parking and prices make me wonder why people have pets. Many thanks

"derek the cat"

After a week of sneezing and weezing we took derek to the clinic on Sunday as he seemed to be getting worse. No appointments because it's for emergencies - we had no wait obviously that depends on circumstances. Excellent reception staff and vet - we came away with antibiotic injection so much easier than tablets and decongestant powder to put in food. We saw an improvement the day after and he is looking more himself every day . The charges were very reasonsble especially in an emergency clinic and you can't put a price on having your pet well again. Derek is registeted as have all our cats at Gourrleys Droylsden .

M Gourley


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