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Our address:
GKG Vets
St. Johns Rd
Berkshire, RG14 7PS

Tel: 01635 40565
E-mail the Surgery (reception@gkgvets.co.uk)
Practice Web Site: (www.gkgvets.com/default.html)

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Species treated:

We treat the full range of pets at this surgery
We don't treat farm animals or equine

This surgery is near to these places:

Reading, Bucklebury, Upper Bucklebury, Berkshire, Enborne, Inkpen Common, Whitway, Gore End, Colthrop, Wash Water, Westbrook, Hunts Green, Boxford, Crockham Heath, Halfway, East End, Bishops Green, Thatcham, Snelsmore, Woolton Hill, Headley, Hermitage, Ashmore Green, Marsh Benham, Peasemore, East Woodhay, Burghclere, Cold Ash, Newbury, Henwick, Bagnor, Adbury, Wickham Heath, Winterbourne, Beedon Common, Donnington, Heads Hill, Welford, West Woodhay, Ball Hill, Chieveley, Ecchinswell, Speenhamland, Shaw, Aldern Bridge, Greenham, Old Burghclere, Speen, Leckhampstead, Crookham Common, Easton, Hamstead Marshall, North Sydmonton, Snelsmore Common, Stockcross, Penwood, Benham Valence, Ownham, Ashmansworth, Curridge, Down End, Heath End, Highclere, Crookham, North End, Benham Hill, Honey Bottom, Newtown Common, Woodspeen, Tile Barn, Newtown

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"My dogs"

Always helpful, Always respond, quickly and look to really be thinking of your pet not the business cost. I have two dogs with them.

GKG Vets


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