D.J.B Denny

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D.J.B Denny
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Worcestershire, WR2 5PG

Tel: 01905 424374

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"My 1st visit."

I brought my cat in today as he had an abcess and I couldn't get in to see my own vet but everyone was lovely to me and the vet was student with my cat and very thorough sorting him out quickly. These expletive deserve praise and I highly recommend them
I wasn't overcharged and both my cat and myself came out happy.


Take my to dogs to the vets and Ann is so friendly and care about your animal went for yearly injections and was very good I would say there a great vets nice place too all staff very friendly too .

"Excellent vet care."

Recomended by a friend 3yrs ago as a no nonsense vet who knows his stuff at a reasonable cost, he could not have said a truer word which I endorse 110%.The new practice building is excellent and the staff are friendly and helpful.I would recomend to
everyone who values their pets wellbeing.

"sam and jess"

they are the erybest vets in the country my dog sam has cancer he nearly died in march ann the vet said she would give him one more chance with a enjection and tablets we still have him every day is a blessing him we love and my cat jess who has cancer


Mr Denny is the old-time vet who can look at your dog and tell you what's wrong with it doesn't need expensive tests doesn't suffer fools gladly and doesn't charge the earth it's a shame there aren't more like him

"Saying goodbye"

Sadly Friday 7th November my brave ,loyal old girl Roxy paid her final visit to Henwick Vets. As always 2 special people were there with kindness & support for her & myself. It was an emotional moment for ALL concerned. Thank you sincerely to Ann & Jo for making our goodbyes as pleasant as can be expected under those circumstances. Roxy & myself are very grateful for all your help over the months leading up to the end. Love you both


mr denny is the best vet going , he takes very good care of all the animals in his care. i wouldn't use any other vet


Injections and check over, loves animals to bits, not so people friendly but who cares, for that ive got my friends. Just needs to be great with my dog which he is.



"A Good No Frills Vet"

Mr Denny & staff are all about the animals first & not about money, very good honest advise without the frills, tea & sympathy.


I had a dog and he was GREAT with it

"wr3 8ae"

best vet there is , he is funny professional and doesn't charge an arm and a leg :)

"good solid advise"

Mr denny is a no frills farm vet he straight to the point and wont waste your money

"Fantastic vet without the frills."

My husband and I had to have our German Shephard put to sleep a month ago, the lady vet was very kind and compassionate and made the process bearable. I held Scooby in my arms and I was with him as he passed. Today I met Mr Denny with our new 2 year old Dane, he quickly diagnosed a kindney infection by his checks and antibiotics were given. This is a no frills vet who really can tell what's wrong with your dog without all the expensive lab tests.. You should be proud vets like Denny's exist and know what they're talking about! However, if it's nice soft seating and the latest gadgets that impresses you, then perhaps it's better you pay the extra to sit in that seat...

"great vet"

no frills vet says things as its meant to be said wouldn't use anyone else

"Denny Vet"

The best vet. bedside manner not so hot, but who cares, He s the best vet I have ever been to.

"Dog Put Down"

Excellent service, no fuss, no hurry, but done quickly with compassion for both animal and owners.

"Dave Denny"

D.J.B Denny


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