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Black Sheep Vets

Our address:
Black Sheep Vets
Meridian Centre
Belvoir Way
Fairfield Industrial Estate
Lincolnshire, LN11 0LQ

Tel: 01507 609929
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General information about this Surgery:

Black Sheep Vets is a small animal veterinary practice owned and run by Richard Carter, assisted by Alex, Becky, Karla and Sarah, offering a wide range of personal services including home visits, an after-hours emergency service, in-house laboratory testing, xrays, ultrasound and endoscopy services, advice on health issues including parasite control, dental care, weight checks and care of the aging pet.

Species treated:

We treat the full range of pets at this surgery
We don't treat farm animals or equine
We have a particular interest and experience in the treatment of cats, dogs.
We treat indigenous wildlife without charge.

This surgery is near to these places:

South Humberside, Eskham, Cadeby, Ludborough, Marshchapel, Wyham, Hawerby, North Thoresby, Beesby, Lincolnshire, Little Tathwell, Maidenwell, Gayton Le Wold, Authorpe, Little Grimsby, Hallington, Grainthorpe, North Reston, Muckton, Little Cawthorpe, Louth, Fulstow, Manby, North Elkington, Alvingham, Haugham, Burgh-on-Bain, Withcall, Little Gayton, Stenigot, Kenwick, Tathwell, North Somercotes, Wragholme, Keddington, North Ormsby, Scupholme, North Willingham, Brackenborough, Yarburgh, North Cockerington, Cadwell Park, Walmsgate, Hainton, Welton Le Wold, Binbrook, Covenham St Mary, Legbourne, Great Sturton, Tealby, Ludford, Boswell, South Somercotes, Acthorpe, Kelstern, Skidbrooke, Stewton, Castle Carlton, Cadwell, South Willingham, Saltfleet, Acthorpe Top, Fotherby, Farforth, Great Carlton, Grimoldby, Ludney, Donington-on-Bain, Covenham St Bartholomew, Legsby, Little Carlton, Raithby-cum-Maltby, South Cockerington, Thorpe, Burwell, Calcethorpe, Utterby, Conisholme, Grimblethorpe, South Elkington, Wold Newton, Donna Nook, Biscathorpe, Ranby, Ruckland, Sixhills, Kirmond-le-Mire, Benniworth

Our surgery Covers:


Practice Interests:

Dog Trainers

Opening times:

All consultations by appointment

Monday to Friday
Surgery Open 9.45am to 6:00pm,Consultations 8.45am to 11am 4:00pm to 6:00pm

Surgery Open 9.00am to 11.30am.

Puppy classes are run by the Louth and District Dog Club on Wednesday evenings from 7.00pm at the surgery. For details please contact Mrs Mortimer on 01507 - 327612.


 Free parking and easy disabled access in front of surgery

Mobile Services

No mobile services available.

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Rabbits are nortorious for hiding their ailments and we had a very dificult time diagnosing my rabbit with a muscle injury last year, but though presented with an apparently healthy rabbit, these vets didn't give up and they listened to all I said. They stuck with us and now my rabbit is on the road to recovery.
These vets LISTEN to what you say, they work with you for the well being of your pet.
They are great.
I have

"second to none"

I had to gave my beloved dog put to sleep and have just collected his ashes. The attention to detail is outstanding in terms of casket and accompanying card and this is testament to the long care and attention that he received from Richard and his team whilst my dog was still alive. Thank you all, highly recommended :)

"fantastic vets"

Absolutely cannot praise this vets enough.
The love and care that we have experienced with the black sheep is second to none.
All my family now use this vets too and agree with how fantastic they are, having tried previous vets in the past.

Black Sheep Vets


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