Beacon Veterinary Centre

Our address:
Beacon Veterinary Centre
Aspatria Business Park
Park Rd
Cumbria, CA7 3DP

Tel: 016973 20242
E-mail the Surgery (

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Species treated:

We treat the full range of pets at this surgery
We treat the full range of farm animals including equine

This surgery is near to these places:

Carlisle, Newton Arlosh, Bromfield, Blitterlees, Swinsty, Allerby, Threapland, Beckfoot, Watch Hill, Ireby, Kelsick, Silloth, Prospect, Fletchertown, Mealrigg, High Laws, Aspatria, Aughertree, Bothel, Plumbland, Greenrow, Kingside Hill, Greengill, Crookdake, Southerfield, Oughterside, Blennerhasset, Baggrow, Anthorn, Scales, Low Scales, Whitrigg, Gilcrux, Calvo, Aikshaw, Brayton Domain, Skinburness, Heathfield, Parsonby, Langrigg, Causewayhead, Blackdyke, Sandale, High Scales, Uldale, Cardurnock, Brayton, Aldoth, Torpenhow, Westnewton, The Hill, Seaville, High Ireby, Boltongate, Mealsgate, West Moor End, Yearngill, Abbey Town, Arkleby, Cumbria, Moota, Mawbray, Brocklebank, Wythop, Bolton New Houses, Thornthwaite, Lorton, Bolton Low Houses, Bassenthwaite, New Street, Redmain, Warblebank, Dearham, Allonby, Bridekirk, Waverton, Waterside, Edderside, Sunderland, High Lorton, Dundraw, Blindcrake, Crosby Villa, Isel, Papcastle, Setmurthy, Moor Row, Portinscale, Bassenthwaite Lake, Millbeck, Oulton, Tiffenthwaite, Birkby, Dovenby, Blencogo, Woodrow, Routenbeck, Bullgill, Lesson Hall, Embleton, Bewaldeth, Cockermouth, Underskiddaw, Wigton, Crosscanonby, Crosby, Westward, Red Dial, Braithwaite, Wheyrigg, Tallentire, Waverbridge

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No mobile services available.

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