Alnorthumbria Veterinary Group - Amble

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Alnorthumbria Veterinary Group - Amble
Bede Street
Northumberland, NE65 0EA

Tel: 01665 713111
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Northumberland, Preston, Shilbottle, Bolton, Birling, Newham, Swinhoe, North Togston, Thrunton, North Broomhill, Foxton, East Thirston, Lesbury, Littlehoughton, Doxford, Rock, Druridge Bay, Guyzance, Alnmouth, Radcliffe, High Buston, Brunton, Boulmer, South Broomhill, West Chevington, North Charlton, Denwick, Craster, Embleton, Cartington, High Hauxley, West Thirston, North Sunderland, Newton-by-The-sea, Bilton, Swarland, South Charlton, Christon Bank, Felton, Warkworth, Cresswell, Amble, Red Row, Dunstan, Beadnell, Brownieside, Acklington, Stamford, Chathill, Alnwick, Rennington, Hampeth, Newton-on-the-moor, Howick, Little Mill, Low Hauxley, West Fleetham, Longhoughton, Eshott, Eastfield, Seahouses, Longframlington, Edlingham, Ellingham, Hadston, Low Buston

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"day care for dog"

I phoned to ask if they knew of anyone that would do dog day care whilst we were on holiday in the area. The receptionist gave me 4 phone numbers and could't have been more helpful

Alnorthumbria Veterinary Group - Amble


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