All Creatures Veterinary Clinic

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All Creatures Veterinary Clinic
Windsor Drive
Kent, BR6 6EY

Tel: 01689 856220

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"All Creatures Vets Orpington"

I have had 3 dogs all over 43kgs over the past 21 years and they have all had operations and other treatments several times a year all treated by the Vets at All Creatures, Orpington.
Not only has the treatment for all my dogs been very good, but the Veterinary nurses are absolutely wonderful and so informative and supportive, and make suggestions to help to make our dogs more comfortable and healthy.
I have however noticed of late, the rising cost of even a consultation. We all get concerned about our animals and sometimes just need some peace of mind. So I consider £36 for less than 5 minutes rather excessive sadly. Treatment when required is value for money of course and I I would not change my vet despite my slight misgivings though. They are second to none, and lovely people in every way!

"All Creatures Vets"

I have been coming to this vet for about 18 years, with my dogs. Very caring, friendly and competent. In my opinion they do not overcharge and are very fair. I trust them totally and Mr Martin is a very lovely man. The Reception and nurses are all very lovely and have comforted and reassured me many times!

"All Creatures Veterinary Clinic"

Best vets ever. They are so caring, kind and understanding of both animal and human. I'm going through a terrible time with the illness of my dog and they have been absolutely wonderful, we wouldn't be getting through this without their support. Thank you So Much!

"Great Surgery"

I take my cat Jake along every year for his annual check-up and a few times inbetween as he's FIV. The staff are always so helpful and accommodating, they always put Jake at his ease and there are never any dramas. Lovely practice and lovely people.


We've many dealings with All Creatures Vets over the years, particularly as our older dog (a beautiful Weimaraner called Jasper) had on-going intestinal problems and a dodgy back. All the staff are absolutely wonderful and always go the extra mile to provide care, consideration and help. THANK YOU!

"Vets care"

My dog is a lovely alsation but rather big , also not very good with strangers ! . But at the vets he was like putty in their hands . Well done !

All Creatures Veterinary Clinic


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