Orchard House Veterinary Surgery

Our address:
Orchard House Veterinary Surgery
Princes St
Lincolnshire, LN4 3BX

Tel: 01526 320387

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General information about this Surgery:

We are a mixed veterinary practice treating pets, farm animals and horses. We are based in Metheringham and also have branch surgeries in Waddington and Ruskington.
Consultations for small animals are available at all our branches

Species treated:

We treat the full range of pets at this surgery
We treat the full range of farm animals including equine

This surgery is near to these places:

Lincoln, Chapel Hill, Walcott, Navenby, Thorpe Tilney Fen, Boothby Graffoe, Metheringham, Raf Coningsby, Dorrington, Coleby, Bloxholm, Thorpe Tilney, Ashby De La Launde, Blankney, Tattershall, Kirkby Green, Tattershall Thorpe, Dunston, Thorpe Tilney Dales, Branston Booths, Timberland Fen, Billinghay, Martin, Rowston, Scopwick, Wellingore, Tupholme, Digby, Tattershall Bridge, Southrey, Nocton Fen, Temple Bruer, Walcot Fen, Bardney, Nocton Heath, Metheringham Fen, Nocton, Swinthorpe, Potterhanworth, Timberland, Lincolnshire, Apley, Kirkby-on-Bain, Blankney Fen, Woodhall Spa, Stainfield, Dunsby St Andrews, Kirkstead, Dalderby, Poolham, Waddingworth, Thornton, Haltham, Cranwell Village, New Apley, Bardney Dairies, Old Woodhall, Roughton Moor, Martin Dales, Minting, Wispington, Langton, Timberland Dales, Brauncewell, Bucknall, Ruskington, Blankney Dales, Edlington Moor, Gautby, Roughton, Anwick, Stixwould, Edlington, Reeds Beck, Westcliffe, Horsington

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"Excellent Metheringham Vet Practice"

I cannot recommend this vet practice highly enough. They saved the life of our seriously injured dog after she was hit by a car. The accident happened late evening, I called the out of hours line and the on call vet was waiting at the practice for us to arrive and we only live 5 minutes away! The after care and communication have been excellent. Professional and caring (for both animal and owner)

"Kennel conditions."

"orchard house vets"

Absolutely fantastic practice, they have taken first class care of my farm and personal animal for over 13 years.
The vets are knowledgeable and dedicated to caring for your animal and not over inflating the bill as many modern practises do sadly.
Would thoroughly recommend them for all your creatures great or small :-)

Orchard House Veterinary Surgery


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