Marshlands Veterinary Centre(Michael Kettle)

Our address:
Marshlands Veterinary Centre
Unit 1
Enterprise Park Priory Road
Lincolnshire, PE22 0JZ

Tel: 01205 760587

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General information about this Surgery:

At Marshlands Veterinary Centre we aim to provide a high quality and caring service to all clients and pets.

The same vet will see you pet through an illness or injury wherever possible, and we work hard to balance high quality care with affordable prices.

Our nurses are on hand to assist the vets and advise clients on general pet care. They are there to help you with all your pet healthcare concerns.

Species treated:

We treat the full range of pets at this surgery
We don't treat farm animals or equine

This surgery is near to these places:

Lincolnshire, Thorpe Culvert, Coningsby Moorside, Eastville, Brothertoft, Thorpe Fendykes, Freiston, Frampton Fen, Midville, Langrick, Frampton West, New Leake, Kirton, Kirton Holme, Carrington, Wyberton, Sibsey, Friskney, Tumby Moorside, Amber Hill, Witham Town, Boston West, Hubberts Bridge, Sutterton, Holbeach St Marks, Butterwick, Boston, Fosdyke Bridge, Fishtoft, Wainfleet, Toft Tunnel, Tumby Woodside, The Gride, Antons Gowt, Thorpe St Peter, Kirton End, Swineshead, Old Leake, Leverton, Algarkirk, Wigtoft, Fosdyke, Frith Bank, Wyberton Fen, Wrangle, Dawsmere, Frithville, Frampton, Holbeach St Matthews, Cowbridge, Benington, Gipsey Bridge, Moulton Marsh, Stickney, Stickford, Wainfleet St Mary, Lincoln, Pelhams Lands, Scrub Hill, Holland Fen, New York, Thornton-le-Fen, Kirton Fen

Opening times:

All consultations by appointment

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No mobile services available.

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"Dog Care"

Just brilliant..sadly had my dear little Podenco, Chico PTS 19th march..I held him..talking, stroking..loving him..+ he went I did not even know..she said..'Hes gone'..(even now I cry for my precious little rescued boy,xx.)Vets have also done the teeth Of my Podenco Tina..+now Galgo Phoenix..needs his done..very smelly breath..PHEW!!! Know my 2 old doggies will be well cared for..a def.100+ out of 10!! And when 'that time comes'..for my 2 oldies..I will be taking on 2 more rescued 'Hound Dogs'..(Exactly which ones..not sure yet..Spanish, maybe.??..U.K rescues, maybe??..never a lack of these dogs..wanting loving forever homes!!! Sadly...always..OPT TO ADOPT!!!!! Don't pay the 'Greedy Breeders' when rescues are over flowing!!! Any dog breed,you want.. has its own particular rescue, ask your vets ..look on line..don't buy thro Gumtree or FREE Ads etc..Puppy Farms, use these free ads.Def. is Buyer beware, of those who don't care!!!....DISGUSTING!!! Help a dog go to a rescue..make room for another unwanted dog..they are endless..+ rescues cannot cope without our won't be sorry..Thank you..

"Excellent Practice"

Excellent friendly practice. Vets, Nurses and Staff are all very friendly, caring and compassionate with my dogs.

Marshlands Veterinary Centre


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